Happy Customers

Kam, craftsman and wing chung martial artist
Within an hour Gore had managed to alleviate 80% of the pain I was experiencing.
The Body IQ approach is a very fascinating concept which, if understood and applied as instructed, is very beneficial. After suffering from a bad knee, with acute pain when any load was put onto it, for nearly one and a half years and being told by the physiotherapist it was going to take approximately 12 to 18 months to treat, I decided self treatment was going to be my best option. Gore was recommended to me and the systems he used were, in my case, unbelievably effective. Within an hour Gore had managed to alleviate 80% of the pain I was experiencing. In fact, the change was so dramatic that it took a week or two for my mind to catch up and move on from being cautious of every step I took. Gore takes you into self awareness with his exercises, giving precise instructions and with feedback re-guides you so that you can take the correct technique away with you to treat yourself.
Dave Buck
Before I started Body IQ classes I was visiting the osteopath for a severe pain every couple of months.

That was nine years ago and I have not been to the osteopath with a bad back in all those years.. You could say that Body IQ has cured a chronic bad back problem just by the correct exercise. Pretty impressive stuff.

Smriti Raina
I have an almost pain free left hip for the first time in two years!

After my session with Gore I now have a better awareness of my aching muscles and more importantly why they have been aching!! I have had a painful left hip for 2 years now and going to osteopaths and physio therapists provided only temporary relief. Gore was able to pin point the muscle that was responsible for causing this pain and guide me through exercises to strengthen it. I have now been regular with the exercise and have an almost pain free left hip!


“Extremely beneficial to anyone who spends too much time at a computer”

I had a Body IQ one-to-one session to work on the tightness in my neck that had started to give me nasty headaches (all coming from long hours spent in front of a computer, of course!). I left with a bespoke set of releasing movements that I now do every evening – all with great results: less tension in the neck and upper spine and fewer headaches.  I would strongly recommend having such an individual appointment to anybody who spends too much time in front of a computer!

Jo Wild


For a more in-depth knowledge and awareness of where it hurts and why, go treat yourself to a one to one. It’s well worth it.

Malcolm Demmon


The session showed me that I had assumed that some muscles would not allow certain movements, but with a bit of gentle persuasion, they could be woken up and become more effective. Result! I have really benefitted from the session I had last week – I really recommend a one 2 one session.

Bridget Wythe


“The difference it has made to my life is tremendous.”

Having had serious lower back pain for several years I was advised by my surgeon to see if rehab work would help me at all.  I joined a Body IQ class and booked a one-to-one session.

The difference it has made to my life is tremendous. Gore assessed my strengths and weaknesses and then devised a short programme for me to do at home… I do my exercises twice daily, as recommended and have gradually incorporated additional exercises I have learned in the group classes. In a matter of 6 weeks, the change has been remarkable.

I feel more confident in myself physically, and feel able to attempt things I have avoided for years.

Fiona Abel-Smith


“Body IQ has changed my outlook on exercise and in so doing has literally changed my life.”

 I joined a Body IQ class – and what a difference – I now look forward to my next class!  I feel that I am in control of my body movements. The benefits I feel after your session are amazing, I think one of the best things is the warmth I feel down my back afterwards. I am very aware of my core muscles now too. My physical being is improving with every session!

Helen Mitchell


Since attending the Body IQ class I’m once again able to bend my knee almost completely after two years of swelling and immobility.



I found the one to one session very useful. I am more aware of how certain ways of holding my body have become habit. Also, identifying what isn’t working so well in my body has shed light on some of the difficulties I have in my yoga classes.  The exercises I was taught only take a few minutes a day and have begun to make a real difference for me.

Sharon Beagles


“I would recommend Body IQ to people of all ages and physical abilities.”

I have learned from Body IQ that ‘less is more’. Simple and gentle body movements combined with the correct breathing techniques has not only improved my physicality and energy levels but also my mental awareness. I have exercised all my life and Gore’s sessions have transformed my whole approach to any exercise. I would recommend Body IQ to people of all ages and physical abilities.

Graham O’Hara