Beginner’s Tai Chi & Qigong Course

Course info

Not everyone in this class will be an absolute beginner but beginner’s are accepted into the class on the first Wednesday of every month. This runs a little different to our other classes at Body IQ. If you wish to book for a month or for a trial class or just want to make an enquiry, please click on the button below to send an email direct to the tai chi master.

Wednesdays 7.45 pm

Start date: The first Wednesday of every month

Sessions are 75 mins long.

Course fee: £40 for the calendar month or £12 for one-off drop-in classes.

At: The Body IQ Studio,  4 Canon Harnett Court, Wolverton Mill, MK12 5NF


Peter Warr

Our Tai Chi master, Peter Warr is well known in the world of Tai Chi.  He has over 45 years experience, trained in China and was the first European to achieve an International Wushu Federation Judge’s Degree since which he has officiated at all World Championships including the Olympics. He has also coached medal winners at European and National levels.

You really couldn’t be in better hands!


qi_gong1Fancy something a little different that’s also incredibly good for your health?

Tai chi is a series of slow, harmonised movements which when repeated regularly have great health benefits. In China it is prescribed by doctors as both a remedial and preventative treatment for many ailments.

Just a few of the many benefits are:

  • reduces stress
  • improves circulation
  • combats high blood pressure
  • relieves migraine
  • increases flexibility
  • improves memory
  • balances emotions
  • aids kidney function and detoxification
  • strengthens ligaments
  • keeps all organs healthy
  • aids pain relief
  • builds immune system
  • improves breathing