Emily Jeffs – Sports Therapist

Emily Jeffs – Sports Therapist

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Since graduating from Edge Hill University in 2016, Emily has been working in clinical and corporate settings. Her previous experience includes first aiding for football clubs and providing deep tissue massage for professional rugby players and disabled athletes from all over the world.   

As a full member of the Society of Sports Therapists, she coverse a wide range of treatments such as deep tissue massage, manual therapy techniques, muscle energy techniques and PNF stretching to deal with general aches/stiffness and injuries. The wide range of injuries that she treats vary including sporting, spinal, postural and everyday injuries. She is also qualified in Kinesiology taping and can offer to use this when an area of the body is fatigued or injured. 

She has a passion for sport and can relate to a numerous of different sporting injuries as she has been an elite athlete herself.  Travelling as far as Malaysia to all over Europe, she reached a high rank in the Junior World Rankings. It was this experience that influenced her career path, and she hopes to help people and help them return to their peak performance, irregardless of sport or work



Ultrasound Therapy

 Ultrasound is used to accelerate the healing processes of an injured tissue. Soundwaves are produced to cause a vibration which is directly applied to the area, producing heat which in turn, can decrease muscle spasm and pain and increase the tensile of different structures. This is an excellent method of treatment for injuries in conjunction with Kinesiology taping and massage.

Manual Therapy

 Manual therapy uses joint mobilisations to affect the structures deep within a joint. It involves taking a joint through a range of movement passively, to help increase range of movement and reduce pain. These movements can be done on the peripheral joints as well as the spine. This is a very effective skill and it can have great result when applying it with other techniques. 


 When injured, it is essential to follow a specific programme in order to regain full use of the injured structure. ST Solutions MK focuses on the rehabilitation process and also return to play criteria for sporting athletes, ensuring to minimise the risk of re-injury and preventing future injuries. 

Strength and Conditioning 

 Strength and conditioning is crucial for athletes. It focuses on components of fitness and the programmes are tailored to fit the demands of the sport. Some of these components include speed, agility, core stability and plyometrics. 


Clinic appointments will include consultation, assessment of injury and appropriate treatment method. After care advice and rehabilitation programme will be given if necessary. 

  • Treatment and rehabilitation for injuries
  • Sports/Soft/Deep Tissue Massage 
  • Free kinesiology taping with first application, then £5 per area taped. 

30 minutes  = £25

45 minutes  = £35

60 minutes  = £40

90 minutes  = £65

120 minutes = £80


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