Which Class is for You?

When making a decision about which class is for you, you would do well to keep in mind that you don’t have to commit to just one class. With one of our class passes, you can attend any class you fancy*. One day it could be meditation and the next it might be yoga that takes your fancy. You’re free to choose as your mood takes you.

*Excludes tai chi on Wednesday evening.

All of our classes follow similar principles. They are:

  • They encourage mindfulness. Many exercise disciplines are labelled as mind-body exercise but to be a true mind-body exercise the brain must be engaged at all times, sensing your physical movements, being aware of your thoughts and your emotions. Our classes strip everything back to slow, subtle, mindful movements which allow the brain to keep up with the body, and to strengthen the brain-to-muscle connection, allowing the brain’s natural healing capacity to work optimally.
  • They are beneficial to sufferers of chronic stress, anxiety or depression. Due to the mental focus which is practiced in all of our classes they can all be described as meditative and help to re-wire the brain to be calmer, more focused and more positive.
  • They are slow. You don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to keep up. All our teachers give clear instructions and give you the time to process the instruction first in your brain, then in your body. It is impossible to learn if you are working fast and our classes are all about you learning, and not about confusing you and tiring you out with endless repetitions.
  • They encourage you to work to your own level of ability. There is no forcing or straining. This only serves to injure. Instead we encourage you to listen to your body and to go only as far as is comfortable. Apart from the obvious benefits of this, it also makes progression in your abilities far more noticeable. Competing with other class members is discouraged and in fact many of our classes require you to keep your eyes closed to help you focus fully on your own experience.
  • They are small. Our maximum class number is 15 allowing our teachers to monitor everyone, give the best tuition and ensure your safety is a priority.
  • They empower you with knowledge that is a tool for life. We believe very strongly that everyone has the ability to improve their mind and body if they have the knowledge. We consider our teachers to be “educators” rather than “instructors” and they will always do their utmost to explain what you are doing in class and why you are doing it so that every class is a valuable learning experience that can be utilised to improve the quality of your day to day life.
Which Class is for You?

Body IQ Somatics Group Class

Body IQ Somatics is a very effective class for achieving great flexibility, posture, and ease of movement. It is suitable for people of all levels of ability and helps those with chronic pain, stiffness or tension in muscles which can often lead to hip problems, back pain, RSI, sciatica, migraines, etc. It is also a great stress management technique, helping focus, relaxation and breathing.


Which Class is for You?
Which Class is for You?

Soma-Pilates Group Class

Standard Pilates can be a great mind-body exercise which can provide strengthening and toning of the core muscles as well as mental focus and improved mind-body co-ordination. Pilates has been slowed right down and combined with ‘somatics’ to make it even better for you. Somatics is a more meditative form of exercise which works on a deeper neuro-muscular level and can have incredibly profound results. It is very effective at releasing muscle tension, re-aligning poor posture and relieving chronic pain, so as well as gaining strength and toning, you will feel absolutely chilled and stress-free too!! 

Which Class is for You?

Tai Chi and Qigong Group Class

Tai chi is a series of slow, harmonised movements which when repeated regularly have great health benefits on both mind and body. In China it is prescribed by doctors as both a remedial and preventative treatment for many ailments. Originally developed for self-defence, it has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, tai chi aids stress reduction and breathing.