About Us

The Body IQ Studio is an independent, forward-thinking, class-based studio specialising in optimal movement, posture and pain relief.  We are also a complimentary therapy clinic offering a wide range of therapies from massage to chiropractic and Chinese herbal medicine.  We provide a calm and peaceful environment encouraging mental focus and relaxation. We specialise in innovative methods of movement education and releasing chronic patterns of tension (Re-Patterning), allowing you to move with greater efficiency and enjoy your life more.

We utilise some of the most effective stress reduction techniques around. 

Our regular clients enjoy better

  •  posture
  •  breathing
  •  mind-body co-ordination
  •  motor skills
  •  strength
  •  mental and physical flexibility
  •  focus
  •  stability
  •  relaxation

Our clients range from all walks of life and from every age group. We have helped athletes, runners, musicians, and dancers to “fine tune” their bodies for competition and performance.

Our unique classes break new ground with a mindful and intelligent approach to exercise and wellbeing. We are the progressive alternative to noisy gym environments, boot camp and standard yoga or Pilates classes.

About Us

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  • About Us
  • About Us