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Silver Membership

You're strapped for time but you know you need to start looking after yourself?

  • Do you suffer with pain, stiffness, poor posture or muscle tension from time to time?
  • It’s not a constant problem but you live in fear of it coming back and avoid certain activities just in case?
  • You know you should do something about it but life is hectic and looking after yourself keeps slipping to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list, but you know if you don’t change then things are going to get much worse?

We get it. Life is busy. And that's why this option is perfect for you!

When there are so many demands on your time it can be difficult to make a commitment to your wellbeing. Our Silver Membership encourages you to commit to just one 1-hour class a week. The great thing about our Somatic classes is that it is an hour of blissful mindfulness helping you improve mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Improving resilience, calm and focus will enable you to deal better with work stress and overwhelm. There is also online support to encourage you to to stick to your own daily somatics routine and to help you deal with the blocks that get in the way of looking after your wellbeing.

What you get with Silver Membership

  • A weekly 1-hour Somatics class – high quality, online group tuition (Availability either as live-stream for human connection or recorded for timetable flexibility).
  • Exclusive membership to online support group including access to somatic educators, life coaches and nutritionists.


We are currently giving away to people who are serious about getting out of pain the chance to find out more in a

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