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Premium Membership

Is your life affected by debilitating pain and an exercise class feels like the last thing you want to do?

  • It feels as though your pain colours every area of your life?
  • It affects your mood, your daily routine, your plans for the future?
  • Maybe you are signed off from work because of this?
  • Moving hurts so an exercise class is not a very appealing thought?
  • Maybe you’ve even tried something like yoga or Pilates and it made things worse?

We get it. It's not easy. This option is perfect for helping you step outside your 'comfort' zone.

When pain colours every area of your life it can be really difficult to step outside of that and make any changes. And it can feel as though you’re on your own. No-one else understands what you’re going through. But we do.

It’s not unusual for some of our new clients to cancel a booking for a “Get rid of back pain” trial session giving the reason that their ‘back is in too much pain’. To other people this can seem laughable, but we get it. There is a fear involved. You have to do something different. And moving hurts. What if we get you doing sit-ups and star jumps? Your brain tells you to play it safe and stay at home. Better the devil you know, right?

Well, you can if you want to. But if you never change what you do, chances are you’ll never change how you feel. That choice is yours.

But we CAN assure you that there are no sit-ups or star jumps involved. In fact, the method we teach is the safest and gentlest movement method available. Get rid of any image of a conventional exercise class you may have in your head. This is closer to a moving meditation. There is no pushing or forcing and there is no right or wrong way of doing something so it’s impossible to feel like you’ve failed. And you won’t look or feel silly either. No-one will be judging you on your ability to move.

And of course, you’ll be with other people who are either in exactly the same boat as you, or they they were there a few months ago but can now move more freely without pain, and are living testament that this stuff works!

Our Premium Membership provides you with a private online one-to-one with our Somatics Educator once a month so he can track your progress, hone in on your specific issues and educate you on how YOU can fix YOUR body. Unlimited attendance at online classes means you can really practice what you learn in the one-to-ones and start seeing results quickly.

What you get with Premium Membership

  • Initial 1-hour online one-to-one
  • Monthly 30 minute online one-to-ones thereafter.
  • Unlimited 1-hour Somatics classes – high quality, small group tuition (4 days of the week there are scheduled livestream classes, the other 3 days there are recordings to be done in your own time).
  • Somatics book for home learning and practice.
  • Exclusive membership to online support group including access to somatic educators, life coaches and nutritionists.

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